What to expect from an Interior Designer – part 1


Now let’s be real.

Many of you, including professionals in our industry often think of Interior Designers as the ‘cushion fluffers’; the ones that pick the colours, wallpapers and soft furnishings for your home, the ones that prettify spaces with accessories. While true, there is much more than meets the eye, and a lot more that happens behind the scenes when bringing a vision to reality.


Interior designers are essentially creative problem solvers – they are your first port of call for all things related to interior space, look, and feel. It’s about making the process of transforming or making a home / space as pain-free as possible for the client.


In a nutshell, interior designers:


    • Create spaces that look and feel great without compromising on functionality by coming up with a design tailored to the client’s aspirations and personality / brand.
    • Liaise directly with the client.
    • Work on projects of various sizes, the main sectors being residential, commercial, and hospitality.
    • Liaise with contractors for different aspects of the design such as:





structural engineers

curtain makers

mechanical engineers

audio/visual engineers

landscape designers





creative agencies

insurance and legal bodies



    • Ensure that the design is delivered to exact specifications and timings by managing contractors and suppliers.
    • Spatial planning: work on structural layouts, furniture layouts, positioning of artwork and lighting.
    • Design bespoke joinery, lighting, accessories, furnishings, and furniture.
    • Sourcing & Procurement: hard materials (flooring, wall), furniture, art, fixings, and equipment as well as soft furnishings and accessories.
    • Create colour and decorative schemes.
    • Styling and accessorising spaces.
    • Organise photoshoots and editorial content.


Studios like Matteo Bianchi Studio also have other facets to their business such as branding and art direction services, product and furniture collections, property finding services, consultations, and workshops, while others create their own fabric ranges and soft furnishings to name a few.


Bringing your vision to life requires contacts, time, and lots of energy to deliver a high quality outcome on time. The journey is full of hurdles to overcome, which is why it is extremely valuable to have an experienced interior designer by your side; to manage it all on your behalf, smoothing the process, so you can simply move in and unpack your bags!


To help you identify the right Interior designer for you and your vision, we have put together a list of attributes to look out for below. A useful evaluation tool to have with you for your first meeting.


Download the Checklist: What to expect from an Interior Designer

Image from a private residential project by Matteo Bianchi Studio 
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