Timeless, striking BLACK

We’re seeing lots of strong trends coming through in design this year already, and prominent they are – bold vintage pastels, rich greens and jungle prints, deep earth tones and Moroccan patterns.  Of all to push the limits most is the trend for BLACK.


Black always scares clients the most – we soon reassure them we are not investing their budget in doom and gloom (unsurprising as it has historically been associated with mourning). Though we aren’t hear to change people’s minds, we’re fond of dark colours in moderation and like to use it where the concept and space would benefit.  Black is timeless, striking and if used correctly can add strength and warmth to a space. It helps to have natural light in a space for strong colours within a scheme – we all wish we had an abundance of the stuff, but in reality we work with what we’ve got. If using solid black on surfaces, we really recommend good lighting. This is wear we draw warmth from.


A few great examples we’ve seen of black creating a strong look:


Inviting and serene – black walls and floors broken up by a wooden island and warm lighting



Timeless classic – a striking black wooden floor continued up the stairs, can work in a traditional setting too




A black tiled bathroom is sensual and relaxing. White sanitary ware and chrome fittings break up the solid surfaces. The lighting in this bathroom is key to highlighting the soft character of the tiles and the atmosphere created.




A backdrop for artwork or an impressive bed; black is a great wall colour in contrast to other elements to a room; textures in this instance.


Taken by the idea? If you’re brave, a great place to go dark is in the bedroom – broken up by greys and blues:





We’ve picked out or favourite items of furniture and materials this season if you’re considering black (as much or as little) in your home scheme….



Smeg, matt black and brass fridge – why not try black appliances




MOIRE pendant light from Petite Furniture – adds interesting texture and beautiful soft shadows




EVOQUE Chair from MINIFORMS – simple and elegant



‘PRE-BROWN AND CHARCOAL’ from Reeve Flooring – wide plank. engineered oak flooring.




SLATE flooring and wall claddings from Artesia – exceptional collection from Italy’s finest




PAINTS from Marston and Langinger – their dark colours are the finest around, we recommend ‘Greyfriars’ for a deep grey feature wall




BAR STOOL ‘slab’ by Tom Dixon



FABRIC ‘Beles’ from DEDAR – a softening touch, great as a curtain sheer or room divider, adding black with a hint of blue without the density of a solid colour.




DECHIRER by Patricia Urquiola – Decorative floor and wall tiles from SURFACE – perhaps for a feature wall or bathroom; black needn’t be boring.




Aluminium knob by TOM DIXON – all down to the details and an easy way to update furniture and doors with elegant black




BUTTERFLY Armchair by AANewDesign – classic leather, contemporary shape. A feature piece.




BICICLETA rug – 100 % recycled, from Nanimarquina 




LOOM chair by H Furniture – a hint of black, huge character and stunning materials.



Matteo Bianchi Studio is a london based, dynamic, stylish and bold interior design studio led by award winning italian designer Matteo Bianchi.

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