The Year of the Rabbit – So long 2022!

After the last few years of difficulty and uncertainty, 2023 feels like it will bring about positive change. It’s the year of the Rabbit – the rabbit being the symbol for compassion, luck, creativity and intuition. This year we intend to ‘follow the rabbit to wonderland’ and see what incredible things can happen when we honour our instinct and find ways to innovate our industry.

We’ve seen the design industry lack ‘story’ when it comes to their products. Being driven mostly by ‘selling’, it hasn’t left us or many other interiors designers feeling inspired. Instead of complaining, Matteo Bianchi Studio is excited to be launching our own product design brand this year! One that is built with the intention to create unique and innovative products, from lighting to mirrors. After many discussions around our meeting room table we were reminded by Matteo’s children that, the world is a very special place if you see it through the eyes of a child. And with that, all of the designs became inspired by ‘child-like wonderment’. We look forward to telling you more about Papillon Society.



Last year, we saw that clients were wanting to be different – we had a lot of incredibly imaginative briefs. We saw the beginning of a revival of the 80’s, as well as new age innovation, one of our new projects focuses on technology and nature co-existing and flourishing together. Now that’s the innovation that this industry has been calling for! We’ve also taken on a hotel project in Whitechapel, East London – with an 80s theme. Reviving an old fabric factory and turning it into a unique and notable stay, it’s currently under construction and due to be finished late 2023 – you’ll definitely hear more about it through our social media channels!



So, now begins the new year and all the things it will bring. We know that we’ll have our ear to the ground to see what innovation will come from the industry. And a reminder that even though the rabbit is a symbol of luck – Luck doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work.

So follow your intuition and let’s get creative!


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