The Design (Maestro) Dream

For so many, a career in Design is the dream they’ve had their whole life. It might start in your youth, or strike you in your later years but the passion to make things beautiful draws you into an industry that can be competitive and require your own ideas of beauty to be put to one side.

Perhaps your dream is to be able to design what ever you want, to try several different styles, turn homes into places people want to be. Whatever it is, it’s often not the reality of what our industry is. It can be daunting, disappointing yet we still stick to it, because it comes down to that one thing… Passion. It helps designers persevere through the tough times and know that it only gets better with practice. Some designers forget that asking for help is a crucial part of practicing and growing to keep your passion alive, you can learn a lot from your industry peers and for the most part, people want to help you.

At MBS, the dream goes beyond designing beautiful spaces that inspire people, it extends to how we can give back to our surrounding society, what products we can design that aren’t easily accessable in the industry and who we can educate to make sure their passion for design and journey in the industry is easier than how it was for us on our way up.  Finding peers with similar values has been our mission in building “Design Maestros“. Design Maestros is a collective of  working design professionals, who all want to share what they know and have learned with anyone in the industry who is looking for guidance and growth opportunities. Offering a range of workshops in design related subjects like, sketching, forecasting design trends, how to run a design business, how to design with plants and even social media for designers.

Because ultimately, design and creativity is all about passion, and who would you rather learn from? Someone who teaches just the theory? Or someone that ignites your passion for design through teachable moments?


You can learn with any one of our Maestros now, book your workshop and level up your understanding of the intricacies of our industry.

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