Story of a successful dream

In the early 1970’s John Hall, a design engineer teaching at University of Toronto, decided to change his life. He started to produce something tangible, 1/43 scale models, causing a new reality, called Brooklin Models, to begin.

Brooklin Models: the beginning

Since then, time has gone by, but not the dream.

Brooklin Models evolved into rare and hand-built white metals automotive car makers models. Producing in small quantities and for a niche market, they managed to stand out as the Mont Blanc of automotive modelling.


Brooklin Models and Matteo Bianchi Studio

Since 1998, the factory made an extra effort to improve details of their models, pushing the quality of their brand at the top worldwide.

For our great excitement, Brooklin Models approached the Matteo Bianchi Studio, about one year ago, looking for a professional practice to re-design their flagship office in Bath. We really felt privileged to have the chance to being appointed for this project and we took up the challenge promptly!

And it was a challenge. The space looked in fact tired and with no brand identity.


The briefing

The briefing was to find an elegant compromise between the masculine dream, behind the brand itself, the mechanical process to actually produce the models and the chic atmosphere of the 30s’ and 40s’, where most of the models are dated from originally.


We set a strong contrast on the spaces highlighting the dark ceilings and the industrial feeling of the area thanks to the resin flooring.


We reinforced the concept by using leather soft furniture like the dark but welcoming statement  deep buttoned leather armchairs.

leather armchair retro chic design exhibiting niche

Dark wood niches and panels made a perfect base for the masculine feeling on a the exhibitive facade! Every special model is highlighted by small directional warm lights to exalt their uniqueness.


The overall result was a theatrical yet functional space, where you can admire the real star of the show (the models) and both visitors and employees can be fully inspired by the retro-chic atmosphere.


It was a great pleasure to design the Head Quarter of Brooklin Models, and have a share on the growing of a dream that after 40 years is still blossoming.

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