Outdoor design trends for 2015

Outdoor design has been evolving in recent years, due in large part to one particular trend. The emphasis of bringing the indoors, outdoors and vice versa, has really been driving the changes we are seeing. Merging the comfort and style of our everyday indoor lives with the beauty of the natural world beyond.



This trend is being influenced by the comfort of our indoor spaces. Certainly lighting for outdoor design is being influenced by the lighting within. Also the trend for big tiles has made its way outside. Outdoor furniture is now heavily influenced by what we are used to seeing indoors both with regards to style and in some cases, finishes.




Also influenced by these trends, we are seeing a lot of wooden floor effect porcelain tiles in use both inside and outside properties.



Trends that are carrying over from 2014 into 2015, include the hexagon tile, which is still really strong and holding its own. As are textured hard materials. We see this evolving into influence from foliage and plants moving along from the ever-popular woodland theme.



New trends are coming in the form of ambient lighting, which is making quite an impact. Occasional seating is playing an important role in outdoor design too.  The way people socialise and use outdoor space means that bar furniture – both tables and stools – are increasingly in demand.



Ever expanding uses of concrete also continues with unabated popularity.




We predict that lighting and occasional seating will be the hottest thing in outdoor design trends in 2015. Using them in ever more creative, original and innovative ways.



For those wanting to incorporate the latest trends into their existing outdoor collection, we would suggest buying lighting and furniture off the shelf. Retail outlets pick up on trends pretty quickly so availability filters down fast, allowing the savvy customer to be ahead of the game.  This will also apply to custom-made options.




How important it is to have a cohesive style throughout your outdoor space will really depend on the style you have chosen. If you go for a more rustic, ad hoc look, then an eclectic mixture of textures, finishes and lines could work. However, more sleek contemporary design really works best by encouraging synergy – allowing elements to talk to each other in the same, seamless language.



When considering any update of your outdoor space, it is really important to invest in quality furniture and furnishings. You really do get what you pay for. This is true for style as well as durability – a major consideration naturally!




A designer will approach an outdoor design quite differently from an indoor project. Firstly they will need to consider the very different nature and challenges that an external environment brings. The clement, ambient atmosphere within four walls creates a control that allows for an emphasis on different things, such as imaginative use of finishes. Outdoor design is often dictated to by it’s positioning. The designer will look at the dynamics and scale of this and the space as a whole, in order to allow for the elements that it will face.







We are currently involved in designing products and lighting for outdoors which will be launching new year as well as being involved in several outdoor design projects. If you need advice or guidance on your venture or indeed an interior or outdoor designer for your next project, we are here and eager to help!


Please give us a call on 020 3006 2113 or drop us an email on info@matteobianchi.co.uk


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