Office design post Covid-19


Offices post covid-19 are changing; How?


For the better part of the past year most of us have been working from home; a luxury or a hinderance? Whilst most of us have enjoyed the ease at which working from home invites, a number of people are desperate to get back into the office, leave their makeshift home workspace and continue in an organised routine. Whichever category you fall onto, offices will not be the same in a post covid-19 world.              


Studies have shown a majority of people are happy to work from home and leave behind the office all together; so how will designers incorporate innovative and exciting office interiors to incline employees to go back to the office?


At Matteo Bianchi Studio we have put together a couple of ideas we think could help ease employees back into their office spaces:


  • Creating fluid interiors that allow for movement within the office; different work areas, seating options and desk heights will allow employees to use the space organically in a fashion they feel most comfortable at any given time. Gone are the days of sitting 8 hours in one place in one position, scientists and therapists have explained the importance of movement in positions within your day, stretching different muscles in order to preserve strength and this is an element that needs to be integrated into office design.

  • Excess natural light is proven to affect people’s moods and productivity, we understand not every office is fortunate to house metres of glass windows and pools of natural light, however maximising what you do have is a must giving a naturistic, bright and airy interior to your space. If your office does not receive too much natural light then try decorating the interior with plants and nature, we find this also helps focus the mind.

  • Flexible working is a big topic in the corporate world, we recommend working in a hybrid fashion, a 30/70 ratio: 70% in the office and 30% at home, keeping the balance people so badly crave.
  • Creating a work culture within your office will draw employees back into the office. Driving physical spaces with more breakout rooms, gathering spots and personal working zones will allow employees to interact when necessary, for training, team building, and collaboration yet also work slightly further apart. Creating a fun and playful office space will add to the office culture and allow employees to enjoy their time in the office.

  • Design and ventilation matter; in a post covid world people need to feel healthy, safe and that their environment is clean. This includes cleaning protocols, upgrading air filters and filtration systems, clear signage for elevation uses and more. It is important employers make the necessary changed to their work environment going forward.


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