New Unexpected Forms


Here at Matteo Bianchi Studio we are always creating and looking for original, quirky, and unusual designs that have the potential to become international design trends everywhere!


This week we want to shine some light on materials like we’ve never seen before. We love pushing the boundaries of materials that can create new tactile experiences.


Wooden Textiles


Typically wood is known for its hard solid properties that we tend to build strong durable items of, however in today’s time innovative designers such as Elisa Strozyk’s have managed to broaden the way we see wood.. have you ever imagined you could be wrapped up in a wooden blanket?!! Strozyks has made this possible! She has very successfully manipulated wood creating beautiful aspirational products that transform wood into a soft, flexible material that can be manipulated by touch.



Fabric Forms


In reverse to traditional hard, solid materials made delicate and flexible, Philipp Aduatz is another aspirational designer who creates liquid like forms and fabrics into hard pieces of furniture. The Linen Folded chair and Folded stool has to be a favourite of ours!

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