MiSuenos Kids caters for the VIP of the house

In a world where we love dressing our children up in the latest trends and we make sure that they get the best education, their private spaces are sometimes overlooked. But, what is more beneficial to them than a space that they can grow, learn and feel inspired by, than their bedroom.

I mean, how about saying ‘goodnight’ after a good story and having the wallpaper glowing for a few seconds after turning out the lights!



At Matteo Bianchi Studio, we like to make sure that the real VIP of the house is catered for. And finally the interior design market has followed suit and we now have a great variety of suppliers and choices to design a space for children. However, what we have been struggling with, is being able to find an inspiring and professional supplier of beds for children.

Luckily, Matteo was recently introduced to Amanda Gama and our search is over! Amanda is the director & founder of MiSuenos Kids, A bespoke children’s bed company; the designs are fantastic and all based on the idea of Fantasy. Her story is amazing and her passion contagious. Her mission is for parents to acknowledge the importance of a child’s bedroom. She found that many parents and families where night time can be an extremely difficult and anxiety-provoking experience for young children. Your child may even be at a stage where they prefer to sleep with you, rather than in their own bedrooms. In these situations, it can be extremely difficult for parents to know what to do for the best. This is particularly as we know that children who sleep on their own are in the best position to harness and develop self-soothing skills and their own sense of independence. Creating this room can be beneficial to both parents and child as the parent get the much deserved rest they need.

She looks into what would make your child’s bedroom becomes their sanctuary – a peaceful place to dream, play, relax – a place retreat to, where a child can feel assured that the people who love them are nearby. The Bedroom is the first real permanent place that they can influence, which is why we involve them throughout the design process. Giving your kids the opportunity to help design a bedroom that is personal them can be hugely important to their development.

Amanda was a successful interior designer who realised that her real passion was in designing children fantasy bedrooms, and realised there was a gap in the market for personalised rooms that had definitely been overlooked.


Matteo went to visit her magical showroom in Cockfosters, London and from first look at her windows, he felt like he was entering a special space. Once you are in it’s a full journey of inspiration, everywhere you look makes you want to become a child again and start dreaming in your magical castle – or see the world from the top floor of your castle!


3Amanda designs all of the beds and she personally follows the projects from start to finish. She always makes sure she takes time out for a quick visit to the production chain in Portugal to make sure everything is on track to the installation. The choice of fantasy beds is vast, although she can work with clients and designers on any bespoke idea they can think of, ideas are very welcomed.


It was a pleasure meeting Amanda and we cannot wait to start working together!

Here at Matteo Bianchi Studio, we pay special attention to the little ones. It’s great fun to design for them and it’s one of the best ways to let our imaginations and playfulness go together.


Feel free to contact us at info@matteobianchi.co.uk, if you have any needs for your special ones.

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