Trend report May: Milan ’13

Throughout the next few months Matteo Bianchi Studio will take you through prominent trends for 2013 straight from Milan

From the 8th of April throughout the week at Salone del Mobile, the world famous and leading design week in Milan, Matteo Bianchi studio explored all there was to offer in the up and coming design trends. It sparked our imaginations and enabled us to bring you this trend report on key trends that stood out as emerging in the coming year.


First up….



The prevalence of nature was strong – bringing the outdoors, in. This years key colour  Green was conveyed with plants, living walls, textures were applied with upholstery, natural wooden furniture appeared (whether stripped back and raw or sleek sticking with the Scandinavian trend). Spaces are still very open, and plants take pride of place in the room.


Living walls incorporated inside of the house gives a space warmth, interest, and surely a wonderful smell! Bookshelves are being placed in kitchens, bedrooms and evn bathrooms.

Nature’s textures and vibrant colours inspiring textile design

Reclaimed but elegantly cut strips of wood as a wall feature, beautifully lit with warm spot lights. Try both indoors or out or how about running this through into the garden to create a seamless mood?

Oversized plants dominate living spaces in vibrant greens in the Gallotti & Radice showroom.

Living walls needn’t be large and wild – this one composed of bright moss is a more refined version, perfect for a hotel reception or even a living room.


Natural stone is very much the ‘in’ material, boasting its natural, organic qualities along with light – LED strips between cuts, back-lit, glowing, reflected – in receptions, bathrooms, and as statement walls.

Using stone cut to create products, surfaces and even lights was a prominent trend throughout the fair. It has such versatility in design and still new ideas and applications are coming forward.


Geometric pendant lights in marble

A floating reception desk, glowing, refined, unique



The colour of the upcoming season bares not one but many brights, pops of colour evocative of the peacock. Think bright Jade Greens, Cobalt Blues, Burnt Orange and the currently popular Bright Bold Yellow – don’t throw away those yellows yet!

These colours are used in moderation, very much as features – feature walls, accents, key furniture pieces.

Finally colour has made a comeback and in a big, big way.



Strong cobalt blues are hinted at

Touches of vibrant yellow still popular at this year’s festival and all over magazines at present

Cobalt, Yellow, Fuschia…



The new way to live?  In many, many ways – the home is more relaxed and certainly echos the lifestyle we are becoming to live and love. Sofas that are sociable, with the coffee table gone, replaced with small laptop tables and those for resting a coffee and a kindle on. Wardrobes that you can throw a coat or two on that function as a desk or backdrop too. Meeting tables that are large, spacious and flexible with changeable stools to allow staff and clients to come and go with a laptop or tablet. Televisions set into wardrobes, bookshelves spilling into each room, merging the relaxed living room feeling into every room.

This month we bring you wardrobes…


A desk becomes a casual warbrode with accent lighting for any room

Televisions incorporated into bedroom wardrobes and living room bookcases

Tucks away…

The relaxed ‘un-made bed’ and retail feel storage – why hide away our wardrobe? Bring out the colours and your personality into the room

Hidden wardrobes that become a display.


NEXT MONTH: We take you through the trend for sociable furniture, patterns galore, the new materials, Kids take over and many more trends for 2013!

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