Milan Design Week- Which trends should you look out for?


Design Week, in which ever country you choose to attend it in, is a showcase of the best that the industry has to offer. An exhibition of what trends you’ll be encouraged into trying over the next few years. Trends tend to start in fashion and trickle their way down into interiors. If you think back over the last two years, as to what you were wearing for fashion, this year we can show you how it showed up in design.



(Above: Baxter)

Milan Design week 2022, was not only just a showcase of the best in the industry but it was a welcome back to new and creative ideas after 2 years of being away, due to Covid. It was clear that the industry was rejoicing at the innovation showcased this year and it sets the tone for the upcoming Design week in London.


Fresh Ideas and Fresh Materials?

One of the main focuses, and a trend we expect to see explode into retailers, was ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. Focusing on organic and sustainable design. Stella McCartney exhibited her ‘Mylo’ range of fashion made from Vegan Leather, or ‘Mushroom leather’, a sustainable alternative to an industry that has wreaked havoc on the environment.

Her range, was inspired by how much we can benefit from using mycelium, in terms of fashion, design and even music. Along side pieces, by Tom Dixon, which featured a coral chair and bulky wooden objects and frames – leads us to think that we’ll be seeing a lot more organic based designs soon.


(Above: Stella McCartney & Tom Dixon)

Does Bigger mean Better? 

Just like fashion trends from the past couple of years, another thing that was evident was that bigger is better. Oversized furniture and statement pieces were everywhere. We can only assume that people were calling out for big comfort, and the industry delivered.

Big sofas, puffy objects and oversized chairs, plant pots and light fixtures were seen throughout several more brand displays. Baxter Furniture, displayed a striking blue sofa (pictured above) which was a stand out piece and perfectly depicted the benefits of an oversized lounge.



The best chrome doesn’t have to be Google.


One of the favourite trends was chrome or reflective surfaces. It was indicative of how perhaps the last two years were a self reflective period for designers to really consider what the industry was missing, helping them to fill in the gaps and bring fresh ideas.  Chrome is a returning trend, one that was also heavily featured in 2019. A display that was incredibly eye catching was one by De Castelli, focusing chic golds and bronzes, complimented by thoughtful lighting design.

 (Above: Di Castelli)

Too Many Patterns? No such thing. 

Brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Hermes showed us that there is no such thing as too much, when it comes to colour. Pattern mixing has been a big focus in fashion recently and Dolce and Gabbana showcased a bold display, which also injected a Mediterranean and Peranakan tile feel.



 (Above: Dolce&Gabbana)

Hermes opted for something slightly more understated, but still just as bold, installation. Remaining on trend with colour changing light and combining this with the ever popular oversized trend they really took their installation to new heights.

(Above: Hermés)

All of these fresh and unique designs were not even a handful of all of the fantastic ideas that were brought this year, to Milan. It was truly a showcase of functional, beautiful and bold design and we hope that the innovation that we saw from the industry will be equally impressive in September when design week comes to London!

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