How to: Leather & Fur


Winter is upon us and warmth comes to mind when designing homes and retail spaces. Although as designers we aim to design with all seasons in mind, certain materials feature more prevalently at this time of year.

A little like a certain spread, people we meet either love or hate leather and fur. Aside from the controversy and possible distaste which these days is easily avoided with incredibly realistic alternatives, there seems to be a stigma attached to these materials – seen as only for the luxury market. Think leather panels and floors, large skins on the wall – those days are gone.


Leather these days comes in all textures and finishes you can imagine.


Consider a new way of looking at fur – soften up the new trend for tiled or resin floors with very textured sheepskin. Pale oak and fur look stunning together, and can be a subtle addition to an otherwise dull bedroom, hallway or shop floor. A Nordic winter-feel that can easily be transformed through the seasons with accessories.


Clever idea for a striking hallway feature – fur comes dyed in beautiful dark tones too. But it needn’t feel bohemian – a large mirror above or artwork could work just as well.


Soft and fluffy meet hard and matt for a rough elegance


Contrasting textures work so well to layer a space and enhance the layout. Fur needn’t just be applied to floors – we have come across beautiful feather lights, fur loose covered seats and oversized cushions.


Layering an otherwise hard room – combining different tones of fur.


A sheepskin covered stool desiged by us in our latest retail space, comfort and style and a great contrast to the resin flooring


‘Eos’ Feather pendant from VITA – a striking and important addition to the scheme


Leather is less gaudy these days, more authentic and it comes in a huge array of finishes. It also helps to close the circle of textures within a space. Seats particularly suit leather as it is extremely hard wearing and ages well.


Raw edges to this leather seat add an organic touch to this contemporary chair



Fantastic idea for a luxury bed without the ‘bling’ – a perfect example of how leather is evolving. We can see this in a hotel or bachelors pad.


So -consider designing a room as if it were an outfit mixing the flat and matt, with the soft and tactile and a slight rough elegance. You will enhance the feel of the space and it’s layout, along with next month’s lighting tricks.


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