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The new avenues we consider for home working.


Now that working from home isn’t a novelty, we have all realised the importance of our work space. Based on our experience of home office design over the years, we’ve gathered a few of our best tips for you to consider when synchronising home spaces to become comfortable working environments.

Comfort: whether you’re using a cosy chair to write your to do list for the day, a foot stool to rest your legs, or quiet space to problem solve, having somewhere ‘comfortable’ that doesn’t include your bed can have a calming and fruitful impact. This will help how you work, unwind or even stimulate your creative flow.

When at a desk or table, try to sit upright on a chair that has adjustment and movement as this will be more comfortable, improve your posture and avoid getting into bad habits. To keep your shoulders relaxed, aim for the mouse and keyboard to be lower than your elbow when rested. Try sitting on an exercise ball if you have one, or an ergonomically designed work chair as there are lots of very affordable options via high street suppliers with excellent websites.

Show off your personality: consider altering your home office with unexpected features. Be brave, and use your courage as you may surprise yourself. Transforming an unused space into a sanctuary or talking point could really change the space to suit your character.

Be creative and curate: we have used a hanging chair in past projects, however there are plenty of ways to achieve something really creative. Start by rearranging your home space – organising storage, separating the work space from the rest area could have huge benefits. Maximise your space, create warmth and fill the room with light, natural and artificial depending on what you prefer and is available. 

Light: we think it goes without saying that good light is absolutely vital to productivity, effective work, positive thinking and happiness. North light will provide a consistent source throughout the day, and a West-facing window will give you an evening sunset. At night, good task lighting is crucial as many of us will be working in the evening. 

Informal is good: Enjoy this time! If you want to work in the kitchen, looking onto a terrace, garden or balcony – then that’s ideal. Take this opportunity to make an environment that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to create. If this means working at a table with your favourite armchair, or a setting up outside, go ahead and explore. An informal relaxed workspace can be much more beneficial than a rigid one. 

Hopefully we have explored some avenues for this cultural shift in the way we work. We are always happy to answer any questions, please feel free to find us on socials. 

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