COVER all the bases.

It’s interesting to think as to what each of us defines as ‘successful’. Because for everyone the idea of success can be a very different thing, it could look like financial success, celebrity or recognition, helping people or working in your dream sector.¬†As we move further into the depths of a time where social media is so prevalent, fame is becoming the blanket definer of success, so it’s nice to check in with yourself and ask “what would make ME feel like a success?”

At Matteo Bianchi Studio, the definition of success is a collection of a few things.

  • A work life balance
  • Innovating our industry
  • Doing what makes us feel our most alive and creative
  • Being able to celebrate each other and our differences
  • Falling short BUT being able to try again

Without the balance in our team, we would not feel as successful as we currently do, we are fortunate enough to not only define our success as the points above but to say that they are a reality in our studio. Our teamwork has gotten us so far over the last few years we’ve pushed boundaries and redefined what we felt made us successful. With all this persistent effort and care we are so honoured to see our work, our innovation, and our vision on the cover of the Interior Designer Magazine. This feels a great start to the new year and you can see our double page feature in the March issue!


The studio will continue to push the boundaries of design and to try new things, we’ve begun development on a whole range of new projects and products which we hope to share with a larger audience in order to inspire a whole new generation of designers and innovators.

Because for us, the more we innovate the more successful we feel.


You can have check out Interior Designer Magazine’s March issue and find a double page profile on our Netlettings Project in Whitechapel!

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