Typically working with busy and successful clients, we understand the value of their time. We therefore have a range of services that we provide to take the pressure away from you and help to implement your project goals.

There are six services that we can provide for you.

These are as follows; Property Search, Concept Creation, Drawing Package, Sourcing, Project Co-Ordination and Accessorising.

Ella Di Rocco Sketch 

Property finding

We have a network of property finders who understand the value of your time. We work closely with them to help you find the perfect property for your needs and to help you understand the property market in depth.


From an initial meeting, discussing your aspirations and needs, we will help you realise your dreams and will present you with a complete design proposal including plans, hand drawings, 3D sketches and samples. We can also take you through the process of planning application and building control.

drawing package

Once the concept is approved, we will develop detailed drawings. These are necessary to implement the ideas, to tender to a range of experienced contractors suitable for the project, to achieve the goals of the design.


Once the concept is agreed, we begin the process of organising the sourcing and ordering on your behalf, using our broad list of suppliers whom we know and trust. As well as taking the stress away from you, we can save you time and money.


Our team co-ordinates the project with the site contractors, to ensure quality and timing. We work closely with trusted surveyors, tradesmen and suppliers throughout the process.


As Interior Designers that understand new space well, we are more than happy to accessorise down to the final touches or provide branding services if this is a commercial venture.

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