Cersaie 2019: Future Trends

We left CERSAIE this year with feelings of inspiration, intrigue and excitement at the bar that Europe’s leading tile companies have set.

From installations to doorways, floor coverings and more, there were certainly tiles for everyone to enjoy the visual feast.

There are 7 sections we have used to summarise what we learnt: Concrete, Jungle tiles, Marbles replicas, Lettering on tiles, Black and White combinations, Fashion and Pavements. Thank you Cersaie for giving us the stimulation we need for our upcoming projects.


Concrete: The developments in this part of the industry has been very impressive.  Not only can you buy tiles that look as if they’ve been excavated from Europe’s oldest walls, the tiles are brand new and extremely durable. If you want your new home to not look weathered, not been manicured to perfection, and want to add a touch of the old – you now can.



Jungle: There were several stands this year at Cersaie creating storyboards and the jungle theme was one that caught our attention. Leaves and vines cascading down the tiles and interweaving between the branches and brightly coloured birds within, particularly by Koen became a marvel to enjoy.


Marble Replicas: Marble replicas have become so life like and without the price or environmental tags! We were very impressed by the range of ‘marble’ options and variations, and will definitely consider the use of this tactic for upcoming projects.

Lettering on tiles: One aspect that hadn’t crossed our minds before was the use of decorative letters on tiles reminiscent of building blocks and the alphabet. Versace in particular executed this very exceptionally and created a wall in back and white, adorned with gold letterings.

Black and white, a timeless couple. This colour combination wouldn’t always garner this much attention from us, however this year we appreciated the combo a little differently. A diverse selection of tiles were assembled together, with varying designs by MUTINA. The irregularly displayed result inspired us to vision a host of possibilities and tiles next to one another. Striking yet subtle, defined but simple.

Fashion: Would you like you favourite designers signature patterns on the wall but as hard, durable tiles in amongst a mosaic grid – we would! Just the idea of printing a Burberry image onto a tile has really made us think of the possibilities and delve into our mind archive for our favourites and what it come – great work!


Pavement: The collected tiling with an arch effect will be a simple, easy and effective way to create a shape and design interest on the floor. With the infinite number of sizes, we can see this being a tactical form of layering for many, particularly well executed by REFIN. Similarly, the tiling effect using pebbles proved to be a gorgeously smooth idea for a pavement.

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