Interview with Fashion Designer, Caterina Bortolussi.

I am catching up with a dear friend of mine, Caterina Bortolussi. She was one of the first person I met when i moved to London, and we became very good friends, as we changed career at the same time 10 years ago. Caterina is a fashion designer and the co-founder of Kinabuti, an established … Continued


This month we would like to talk about an underestimated material that can be as rich and full of personality of many others more appreciated. We would like to talk about Mr. Cork. Cork is 100% natural, 100% recyclable and 100% sustainable. WHAT IS CORK?   Cork is the bark of the cork oak (Quercus … Continued

Venice Boutique Hotel

The hotel was a damp, disused building in the heart of Venice that begged to be renovated. We wanted to create a unique haven for guests to stay in luxury. The reception area was transformed from dull and dated to warm, elegant and eclectic.

Carlton Estate Agents

The Estate Agents on Upper Street was a typical dated working space with suspended ceilings and busy, cluttered desks, whilst very unorganized and dark. The clients wanted a Fresh, Sophisticated and Inviting office with a good flow. This is a good example of how a good lighting scheme can really make a space that much better


The concession space we transformed at Harrods was previously untidy, dark and didn’t do justice to the space around it in such a high end retailers. The French couture brand D.Porthault wanted an elegant, vibrant open space to display their linens.


When we first visited the loft apartment in Farringdon, we were greeted with sterile, basic fittings, all white walls – very cold. We transformed the space to be warm, contemporary yet with personality. The original features behind the walls were enhanced and functional lighting added heaps of atmosphere.


Like the rest of the apartment, the bathroom in the Sloane Court property was very dated, plain and cold. The clients wanted a atmospheric, hotel feel to the ensuite, somewhere not only to wash but to relax after a day in the city. Mosaic niches lit from within and dark slate tiles with underflor heating … Continued


The property in Chelsea had been refurbished about 15 years prior to our design. It was contemporary but plain, and the client wished to have high end finishes, bespoke joinery for this needs and a colonial, warm scheme.